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Prepare Your Skin And Hair Before Plastic Surgery

How exciting! You are finally getting the plastic surgery you’ve been wanting for years. You have read all the articles and have set up babysitters, prepared make-ahead dinners, and gotten your bedroom fitted out with books and magazines for right after surgery. Now it’s time to prepare your skin and hair before plastic surgery.

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Remove All Jewelry

That means ALL jewelry, like ear piercings, body piercings, and embedded jewelry. It can put you at risk for burns if thermal equipment is used. It can also catch and snag as you come out of anesthesia.

Scrub A Dub –  And Do It Again

Carefully wash your entire body the night before your surgery and then again the morning of surgery. Use antibacterial soap and include a thorough washing and conditioning of your hair at least one of the times.

Follow any specific instructions from Dr. Wendy Gottlieb about the type or brand of shampoo or conditioner. No loofahs or sea sponges to avoid bacteria.

Check The Timing Of Hair Dyes

If you are having surgery on your face, like a brow lift, rhinoplasty, face or neck lift, or otoplasty, you won’t be able to color your roots or full head for 5 weeks after surgery. The chemicals can affect your healing. Therefore, plan to do these tasks one week prior to your surgery day.

Barefaced Is Best

No makeup, creams, lotions, or any other cosmetic on your face or body. This includes face makeup which can contain bacteria from brushes and sponges.

Skip everything that normally goes on your body or in your hair: perfume, deodorants, any hairstyling products, moisturizers, and false eyelashes. Extensions too are a no-no. Don’t forget to remove nail polish and acrylic or gel nails. This is the time to go bare and free of cosmetics of any kind.

Talk With Dr. Wendy Gottlieb

If you normally have a difficult time during your period, it might be wise to schedule surgery after your period.

Discuss the following:

  • Starting birth control the month before surgery and ask if that is recommended.
  • If you are already on the pill, discuss any issues.
  • Ask about estrogen and if it can increase your risk for blood clots after certain surgeries.

No Sun, Tanning Beds, Or Spray Tanning

All of these should be avoided at least 3 weeks prior to surgery. The sun can affect healing and cause excessive bleeding. It may also cause the area around the incision to turn a dark color. You can refrain from these things for just a couple of weeks knowing you will be a new and improved woman afterward.

Shaving And Waxing

Avoid if possible, and if it is near the surgical site, do it a full week prior to your surgery.

Contact Dr. Wendy Gottlieb at (703) 668-9499 if you have any questions or concerns about preparing your skin and hair before plastic surgery.