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Do I Need A Breast Lift Or A Breast Reduction?

The answer to the question: do I need a breast lift or a breast reduction depends on many factors and is not so easy to answer. We will guide you through some typical questions and facts about both procedures to help you decide which might be best for you. It all depends on your goals and expectations.

Reasons To Get A Breast Lift

As women age, their breasts begin to sag and droop. It’s just another of those gravity “things” we despise. Older women can lose volume in their breasts, and the shape may change making them look older than they really are.

You may have lost volume in the upper part of your breasts making you look flat. Maybe your nipples point downward instead of the perky look when you were younger. Your skin may be stretched out from gaining weight, getting older, or from breastfeeding. Or you could be unhappy with the asymmetry of your breasts.

How Can A Breast Lift Help

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The goal of a breast lift is to regain a younger looking silhouette. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Wendy Gottlieb will remove excess skin (not breast tissue), reshape your breast tissue, and reposition the nipples to sit higher. The shape of the breasts will be changed making you look somewhat smaller, but your cup size will remain the same.

Reasons To Get A Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have overly large breasts that cause limits to activity should consider a breast reduction as pendulous breasts can cause painful back and neck issues. In addition, this can lead to poor posture and painful shoulders. Having large breasts can make it difficult to breathe and even sleep. It also causes chronic rashes and irritation both between and under the breasts.

Besides limiting physical activity, it becomes hard to find clothing that fits properly. Women who crave larger breasts have no idea about the issues of those who have them.

The Benefits Of A Breast Reduction

An experienced surgeon will remove excess skin and fatty tissue to give you breasts that are smaller and more proportioned for your frame. You will have a more youthful look and your breasts will remain at the same position on your chest.

Women report feeling more comfortable both physically and with their appearance, but new bras will be needed after recovery!

Which Is Best For You?

Talk with Dr. Wendy Gottlieb about your complaints and your goals before deciding on the right procedure, and discover which of these surgeries provide the best benefits for you.

You can add a lift to a reduction surgery and an implant or augmentation to a lift.

A lift is purely cosmetic and not covered by insurance, but a reduction procedure may be medically necessary and thus covered.

Contact Dr. Wendy Gottlieb for a consultation to discover if a breast lift or a breast reduction is right for you.

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