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Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Breast Lift

Do you look in the mirror and wonder what happened to those perky breasts of yesterday? You keep trying out new bras that promise a youthful look, but they never fit correctly, comfortably, or lift the “girls” to their rightful place. If you have these same issues, here are the top 5 reasons to consider a breast lift.

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A breast lift is not breast augmentation to enlarge the breast. It is to reshape and uplift the breast. A breast lift will improve the shape and firmness of your breast, and you will have a more proportioned figure. During the procedure, excess skin is removed and the nipple is relocated.

You will feel more confident in a bathing suit, be more comfortable in a bra, and feel sexier after a breast lift.

This type of procedure has increased 600% in the last 16 years, and here are just some of the reasons why.

After Weight Loss

You may have finally attained your desired weight, but your breasts have become saggy, limp, and they have less volume. A breast lift can help correct this unwelcome issue.


Most of us who have reached a certain age become all too familiar with gravity. As we age, our breasts head south, the skin loses its elasticity, and your once beautiful breasts sag.

Increasing Back And Neck Pain

When the breasts become limp and pendulus, this puts excess weight on bra straps causing neck and back pain. You don’t have to have very large breasts for this to be a problem. After a breast lift, the pressure is reduced.

Wanting A “Mommy Makeover”

A breast lift is often recommended after pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding is completed. This will rejuvenate your breasts, but should only be done if you no longer plan to have more children.

To Gain Lost Volume

Many of the issues named above can cause a woman to lose volume, especially in the upper portion of their breasts. A lift will, by its very name,  increase the look of the upper breasts to create a fuller and more pleasing decollete.

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