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6 Ways To Prepare For A Plastic Surgery Consultation

You have been considering plastic surgery for some time now. You are just about to take the plunge, but you need to find the right surgeon. You will be relying on that person to understand your goals and give you straight answers. First things first: here are 6 ways to prepare for a plastic surgery consultation.

You Can Learn A Lot Before You Go

You can assess much from a phone call. When you contact an office to schedule a plastic surgery consultation, note the demeanor of the person you talk to. Are they helpful? Do they seem rushed to get you off the phone? If you are hurried along to make the appointment, this may indicate how you will be treated in the office.

Ask how much time the surgeon normally allows for a single consultation. Be wary of an incomplete or non-committal answer. You want to be assured all your questions will be answered.

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Research The Basics

If you are sure of the type of surgery you want performed, research all you can about it. Learn how it is performed, what you can expect, and how long is the recovery time. Go into the consultation with some preliminary facts.

Prepare A List Of Questions

Write down questions as you research. Dr. Wendy Gottlieb will be happy to answer them all. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the surgeon’s success rate with a particular type of procedure. Many practices will have testimonials on their website so you can learn a lot there. Also, find out exactly where the surgery will take place.

This is the time to discover whether you have confidence in the doctor and how open they are to answering your questions. You should expect an interactive consultation.

You should never feel rushed to make a decision.

Bring Your Medical Records

Come to the consultation with a full medical history. This should include your current medications, chronic conditions, past surgeries, any allergies, or dependence on alcohol or illicit drugs. You must be totally honest in order to obtain the best results.

Complete Due Diligence Financial Planning

Find out the approximate out of pocket costs for the procedure you want done. You can ask about the cost range before you make the consultation appointment and about financing options.

You can use a Procedure Price Planning tool here.

Come With Realistic Expectations

Be honest during your consultation. Describe your goals and dreams about the outcome. What do you ultimately hope to accomplish by having the surgery? Know the risks and possible complications.

Then listen carefully to what Dr. Wendy Gottlieb tells you.

Plastic surgery is a big step. You should feel comfortable with and confident in your surgeon.

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